Medicare Total Advantage Plan

Medicare Total Advantage Plan

We Help You Live a
Better Life

VillageCareMAX Medicare Total Advantage Plan is a Special Needs Plan created for people with Medicare and Medicaid who are in need of long-term care services. We make it easier for you to get all covered services from one plan to meet your needs. Plus you get extra benefits that are not covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

What You Get

The plan that cares and covers all your Medicare & Medicaid services plus extra benefits at no cost.

  • Over-the-counter and grocery items
  • Acupuncture
  • Routine transportation
  • Dental, vision and hearing

This information is not a complete description of benefits. Limitations and restrictions may apply. Benefits, list of covered drugs, and pharmacy and provider networks may change from time to time throughout the year and on January 1 of each year. 

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As a Member

As a member of VillageCareMAX Medicare Total Advantage Plan, you have no co-pays, deductibles or monthly premiums for covered services and prescription drugs.

We provide access to many services to promote better health, and to help you live independently and safely for as long as possible. These benefits include medical care, long-term services and supports, community-based services, mental health, substance abuse care and preventive services.

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    Get the help you need

    VillageCareMAX Medicare Total Advantage Plan will listen to your health concerns and help to connect you to the services that you need. Your dedicated Care Manager who is a registered nurse will coordinate your services and offer help such as:

    • Finding the right doctor
    • Personalized care plan with all your needs
    • Bring all your care together so you get better results
    • Help you get the right service


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    Service Area

    Our service area includes these counties in New York State:

    • Bronx
    • Kings (Brooklyn)
    • New York (Manhattan)
    • Queens
    • Richmond (Staten Island) - (pending)
    • Nassau -  (pending)
    • Westchester - (pending)

    You can only join our plan if you live in the service area.

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