Corporate Compliance

The VillageCare Board of Directors formalized the compliance program in 1999 and continues to demonstrate commitment to conducting business with integrity and in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations that apply to the health care industry. To reinforce commitment to our core values, VillageCare has implemented a Corporate Compliance Program to provide guidance for furnishing quality health care services to the community we serve in an ethical and lawful manner.

Our Corporate Compliance Program includes the following elements:

  • Standards of Conduct: and written policies and procedure in order to reduce the prospect of unethical or criminal conduct.
  • Oversight: mandates an organizational operation structure capable of implementing and supporting an effective Compliance Program, including a Chief Compliance Officer, Compliance Department and Compliance Committee;
  • Communication of Standards: requires the open, honest, interactive and timely communication of compliance policies, procedures, standards and issues;
  • Training and Education: emphasizes proactive training and education programs to help ensure each employee is aware of and understands the Standards of Conduct applicable to his or her job;
  • Monitoring and Auditing: implements monitoring and auditing protocols and other risk evaluation techniques to help ensure adequate compliance controls are in place;
  • Reporting: operates a system to allow employees to fulfill their duty to report compliance issues without fear of retribution; and
  • Response, Enforcement and Prevention: ensures a consistent, prompt, appropriate response (including discipline) for non-compliance that is designed to prevent future offenses.

The commitment of VillageCare to our corporate responsibility efforts includes compliance with the Deficit Reduction Act by providing information about the federal and state False Claims Acts.  Employees, contractors and agents must agree to abide by the False Claims Act Policy when performing their work activities for or on behalf of VillageCare.

VillageCare’s Compliance Policy

At VillageCare, we must ensure that we follow basic, fundamental principles of ethical and business conduct. In today’s dynamic world of healthcare, we must help each other comply with applicable laws and regulations, our own internal policies and procedures and good business practices. To live up to that commitment, we have established a Compliance Program for VillageCare designed to promote a work environment that fosters compliance with ethical, legal and regulatory requirements. The heart of the compliance program is the Code of Conduct, which sets forth the fundamental principles we must follow in dealing with clients, residents, affiliated health care providers, payors, vendors, independent contractors and one another. The Compliance Program is important to VillageCare and the people we serve.

NOTE: January 1, 2007 The federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 requires health care providers receiving Medicaid revenues to provide information to employees concerning the Federal False Claims Act, state laws concerning false claims, the healthcare provider’s own policies for preventing and detecting fraud, waste and abuse and an employee’s right to be protected from retaliation.

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