The VillageCareMAX leadership is committed to all who turn to us and upholding our core values.

Our staff and board members are an integral part of the organization and contribute to the advancement of our services and plans.


Emma DeVito
President and Chief Executive Officer

Jill Moscowitz
Chief Legal Officer
Legal Affairs & Human Resources

Stuart Myer
Chief Information Officer

Dara Quinn
Chief Compliance Officer

Frank Polanco
Chief Growth Officer

Randi Roy
Chief Strategy Officer

Debra Tirado
Chief Financial Officer

Maria DaSilva
Vice President
Network Development, Contracting & Provider Relations

Vanessa Fernandez
Vice President
Member Experience & Support Services

Lisa Garay
Executive Vice President
Clinical Strategy and Operations

Rob Goldman
Vice President
Branding & Marketing Communications

Bruce Kessler
Vice President
Business Intelligence

Board of Directors

John W. Behre, Jr.

Mary Caracappa
Vice Chair and Treasurer

Judy Choi

Eleanor S. Applewhaite

Lynne P. Brown

Elizabeth Butson

Emma DeVito

Gail Donovan

Daniel M. Fox

James J. Gardiner

James R. Knickman

Ruth Levin

Lynn Law

Glenna R. Michaels

Leroy Sharer, M.D.

David H. Sidwell

Judith Smith

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