Prescription Drug Benefit

Important Pharmacy Information


Better information at the point of care saves time and money for members, prescribers, and payers

VillageCareMAX Provider Collaboration with MedImpact

Real-Time Prescription Benefits provide member-specific cost and coverage details at the point of care to help improve outcomes, lower costs, and prescriber efficiency. This tool allows prescribers and members to discuss personalized benefit information, including lower-cost therapeutic alternatives and preferred pharmacies, to make better care decisions at the doctor’s office.

Real-Time Prescription Benefits results in fewer surprises and abandoned therapies, increases adherence, and lowers costs for members and payers. By embedding it in ePrescribing workflows and electronic medical records (EMRs), this service puts personalized coverage and benefit information at the fingertips of prescribers and members before prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy. 

Prescribers can see member-specific costs, including accumulators and deductibles and alternative retail, specialty, and mail order options. They can also view drug coverage and benefit information, such as prior authorization requirements or quantity limits, significantly reducing wait times and issues at the pharmacy.

Here’s how it helps:


  • No Surprises: Members see prescription costs at the point of care
  • Fewer Delays: Less waiting at the pharmacy for prior authorizations or approvals on lower-cost alternatives
  • Better Outcome: Informed members are more likely to fill prescriptions and stay healthy



  • Better Information: Member-specific information allows prescribers to make more informed decisions at point of care
  • Better Outcomes: Members are more likely to follow prescribed courses of treatment
  • Increased Efficiency: Prescribers spend less time on follow-up calls from pharmacies
  • Greater Satisfaction: Members leave their doctor’s offices with the lowest-cost medications and face fewer issues at the pharmacy
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