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About VillageCareMAX

VillageCareMAX is a part of VillageCare, which has historically focused on ever-changing health care trends and has worked to create responses to new and emerging needs.

For over 40 years, VillageCare has accomplished this by providing quality health care to older adults and to those with other chronic diseases and conditions who are in need of continuing care and rehabilitation services.

VillageCare is a pioneering and innovative continuing care organization that offers post-acute care, community services and managed care options to people living in New York City. We strive to understand the current state of need of those we serve and pursue appropriate responses.

A Strong Foundation

VillageCare’s history goes back to a single skilled nursing facility in the mid-1970s serving some 200 residents. Today, VillageCare has a wide and comprehensive array of long-term care services, serving more than 25,000 unique individuals annually in community-based and post-acute care programs.

These programs include:
  • VillageCare Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
  • Medicaid Assisted Living Program (ALP) and senior residence;
  • Adult Protective Services

When the Greenwich Village community joined together in the 1970s to save the only nursing home serving the West Side and Lower Manhattan, it proved to be the springboard for a bold venture in long-term care, as well as care for those with chronic illnesses. This enduring enterprise is embodied in the programs of today’s VillageCare, the parent organization that grew from the community’s endeavor more than three decades ago.

Older adults need and demand a variety of care options — ones that allow them to remain living in the community as independently as possible. Recognizing this, VillageCare offers a range of care options and services in post-acute care, community care and managed care.

In the 1980’s VillageCare responded to a growing AIDS epidemic in New York City by offering new and innovative ways to care for individual with HIV/AIDS. In 1988, VillageCare opened the first AIDS Adult Day Health Care program in New York City, a center on 20th Street that served as a national model for similar undertakings in HIV/AIDS care. Our professional staff takes an interdisciplinary approach to develop an individualized plan of care for each client. We assist in the management of the many challenging situations faced by persons living with HIV/AIDS, coordinating, where appropriate, with other AIDS services.. VillageCare opened the first AIDS-specific Certified Home Health Agency in New York in 1991, added a community case management program in 1995, which has expanded to offer treatment adherence services and an Adult Protective Services program. The case management programs are now a part of VilageCare’s medical health home. Another major development in 1995 was the opening and dedication of a new residential care facility for persons living with AIDS and HIV-related illness. Rivington House – The Nicholas A. Rango Health Care Facility opened as place to comfort residents and relieve their physical and emotional pain. Most residents were with us for just a few weeks, others a few months, very few remained a year. That was the reality of AIDS at the time.

For older adults, VillageCare’s programs place the individual squarely in the middle of a range of medical and social services, enabling him or her to choose, and to have access to, exactly what is needed.

In 1996, Village Nursing Home opened a short-term rehabilitation program to provide discrete rehabilitation services, therapy and residential care with the goal of enabling participants to return to their homes or other community settings. In December of 2010, Village Nursing Home was closed and replaced with the state-of-the-art VillageCare Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.

In 2001, VillageCare at 46 & Ten was opened – a six-story senior residence in the Clinton community, that is now a Medicaid Assisted Living Program (ALP).

VillageCare was founded in Greenwich Village when members of the community saw that an important resource could be lost and rallied to save it. VillageCare has always maintained its community focus, recognizing and responding to the needs of its neighbors.

The organization has continued that tradition by creating and expanding systems of care that are close to the people being served and which fully meet the needs of older adults and those with chronic care and rehabilitative needs.

In July 2012, VillageCare announced the creation of a Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) plan, called VillageCareMAX. It was the first approved MLTC in New York State under the Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) reform.

In 2017, VillageCareMAX has expanded its products to include two Medicare Advantage Plans for beneficiaries who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. These plans include all Medicare Part A (hospital stay) and Part B (doctor visit) benefits and Part D prescription drug coverage.

John Behre, Chairman

Daniel M. Fox, Vice Chair and Secretary

Mary Caracappa, Treasurer

Eleanor S. Applewhaite
Lynne P. Brown
Elizabeth Butson
Judi Choi
Emma DeVito
Gail Donovan
James J. Gardiner
James R. Knickman
Ruth Levin
Lynn Law
Glenna R. Michaels
Leroy Sharer, M.D.
David H. Sidwell
Judith Smith

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